Organizing Your Self Storage Unit

Moving and storage boxes
  • Create a master inventory list of all your boxes (labeled – they all look alike after a while). This will make it easier to find items.
  • Leave space around the perimeter of your unit to ensure adequate ventilation to prevent mold and mildew.
  • Heavy items should be stored near the bottom of your space/stacks.
  • Free standing shelving units can help you maximize the use of your space; including height.
  • Keep items that you’ll need to access first or frequently at the front of your unit.
  • Create aisles so that you will be able to access items without having to rearrange the whole unit.
  • Store large items, such as tables, couches, mattresses, mirrors and artwork vertically to help protect them from damage and also save space while utilizing the locker height.
  • Hide-a-bed couches should not be stored vertically as this can damage the frames.
  • Outdoor furniture, tools and barbeques will take up more space, as they do not stack well.
  • If you are storing anything with an engine, put a drop cloth or cardboard underneath it after draining the fuel.
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