Packing & Storage

Tips on Preparing Your Items

Moving tips on preparing your items
  • Store clothes in a wardrobe box so that you can allow them to hang.
  • Try and use the same size boxes, you’ll have an easier time stacking.
  • If possible use the original boxes for storing electronics. Remember to label the cords.
  • Seal your boxes with packing tape to keep out dust.
  • Heavy items should be packed in smaller boxes.
  • Label the contents of each box on all sides for easy reference.
  • Under filled boxes are more likely to collapse when stacked. Use clean, white paper – never use newspaper, as the ink comes off on your hands and goods – or packing popcorn to fill in the extra volume.
  • Line boxes with plastic, which contain documents or books to avoid moisture damage.
  • To avoid crushing book spines, pack flat rather than vertically.
  • Motorcycles, cars, lawnmowers, and other machinery should be drained of all fluids prior to storing.
  • Leave slipcovers on furniture and cover them with plastic. Wrap with padding for added protection.
  • If you have a Hide-a-bed, tie it shut with sturdy rope before you start to move it. They should not be stored vertically as this can damage the frames.
  • Disassemble everything that you can, labeling everything as you go. Use zip lock bags to keep the small parts together.
  • Use the space in your furniture – drawers, shelves, under and in desk etc…
  • Refrigerators, freezers and washers should be completely clean and dry. Once in storage, a box of baking soda and leaving the doors open slightly will help keep them fresh. * Pallets, cardboard, plastic or drop cloths will help keep your goods off the concrete floor.
  • When packing up your goods, try to keep like items together for easy locating (e.g. kitchen, bathroom, living room…).
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